Avoid the sweaty, sweltering, sleepless summer nights!

Whilst all Aussie’s love summer for the beaches and BBQ’s, there’s one thing everyone agrees we could live without (aside from those nasty mosquitoes): a sleepless night of tossing and turning in the heat.

The good news is you can leave the portable fan in the cupboard; there are actually some quick and easy hacks for keeping cool at night. All you need is the best bed linen for summer!

How to choose the best bed linen for the Australian summer:

1. Change over your quilts

Often it can be those heavy doonas that are trapping the heat in your bed. Sure, they’re great for keeping warm in winter, but a lighter weight quilt is the first step in preparing your bedroom for summer. These should be swapped over as soon as the weather starts heating up!

2. Breathable bed sheets

Cotton bed sheets are the best answer for choosing something that is breathable, lightweight and cool. Choosing cotton is excellent for airflow and ventilation, unlike polyester or other synthetic fabrics.


3. The ‘cold’ side of the pillow trick

Just like breathable sheets, cotton pillow cases are another essential for keeping your bedding temperature down over the summer.


4. Consider the thread count

When it comes to buying bed linen, the number of threads in each inch of fabric can say a lot about the quality but also about the weight of your sheets or covers. For example, 800+ thread count is probably too heavy for summer, hence it’s best to choose something like 300 thread count sheet sets.


5. Whiter colours

Using lighter colours in the bedroom is psychologically proven to make an area feel more spacious and soothing. Not to mention a splash of colour can really give the space that fresh summer look. Choose white sheets or a light pastel blue bed linen to feel cooler over summer.


6. Lighter layers

Aussie’s know better than anyone what it’s like to be too hot one minute and too cold the next. Light cotton blankets on the end of the bed as well as cotton sheets are great for providing options when sleeping through fluctuating temperatures.