Luxurious Quilts / Doonas

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of wrapping yourself in a high-quality warm quilt on a cold night. Here at Bianca, we have a range of luxurious doonas in various sizes that you can buy online. Give your room a premium look and feel today with our range today.

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Winter Quilts

Wool quilts are warm and cozy fibre that is a popular choice during winter. Microfibre winter quilts are also an ideal option, boasting qualities including being hypoallergenic, easy to clean and ideal for allergy sufferers.

Summer Quilts

A high-quality summer wool comforter is the perfect blend of comfort and being light weight - you can enjoy a comfortable sleep during the summer time without getting too hot. Microfibre quilts are also a light and comfortable option during the summer months, providing hypoallergenic qualities and a range of GSM suitable for many sleeping preferences.